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My credentials with the Indianapolis Motor Speedway and CART/OWRS only allow me to use my images commercially for "editorial" purposes.  That means "news" publications. This includes magazines, newspapers, yearbooks, or anything else that's "published". Unfortunately, I CANNOT sell images to the general public or for companies to use in advertising, on their products, etc.  The legal rights to do such things resides with IMS, CART/OWRS and those who have been specially licensed by them to do so.

So please don't ask me to do something that could jepordize my ability to take images at future races.  It's not that I don't like getting such e-mails ... I really do like the positive feedback!  It's just that I don't want to be declared "persona non grata" by IMS (who takes a VERY dim view of news photographers selling images on the side) or anyone else for that matter.

So, please enjoy the photos on this site! Please don't post them elsewhere without my consent, but if you want to save one and use it as your wallpaper... then that's OK too.



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