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Gonzalo Rodriguez
Gonzalo Rodriguez
January 22, 1972 - September 11, 1999
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Moore in the Esses
Moore smoking 'em Greg Moore
Greg Moore
April 22, 1975 - October 31, 1999
Gonzalo with Juan

As I was scanning my photos from Fontana, I was listening to the CD "The Book of Secrets" by Loreena McKennitt.  On it is the song "Dante's Prayer".  The lyrics seemed very appropiate:

"...Though we share this humble path, alone - How fragile is the heart - Oh give these clay feet
wings to fly - To touch the face of the stars."

"Breathe life into this feeble heart - Lift the mortal veil of fear - Take these crumbled hopes, etched
with tears - We'll rise above these earthly cares."

"Cast your eyes on the ocean - Cast your soul to the sea - When the dark night seems endless -
Please remember me - Please remember me."

Moore blur Rodriguez takes the track
Gloves on Greg close up

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Fast learner Greg's eyes
Another CD I listened to was "Things I Prayed For" by Eli.  On it is "God Weeps Too":

"...God weeps too, God weeps too - Though we question Him for all that we go through - Still it helps me believe and my faith it does relieve, just to think that God weeps too." 

Youngest winner Slicks please!
Moore Thunder Gonzalo passes by
Jacques' replacement Trying to keep Alex back there
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